Active Alignment

What is active alignment anyway? We find all sorts of ways to compress our bodies in un-natural ways and create collapses in our posture. We’ve made it too easy to move around our planet with assistance (i.e. cars, escalators, sitting in chairs all day etc. etc.).  We have somewhat lost the ability to strengthen our bodies just by being awake and actively moving around, the result being more pain and injuries due to weaknesses and poor posture. Active alignment and posture through Eischens Yoga and person-to-person feedback is our answer to achieving neutral posture and strengthening those areas for individuals. We all carry mis-alignments in our bodies whether they are from injury, aging, or simply from poor posture and form. Through basic Eischens Yoga poses, athletic movement assessments and hands-on feedback, we are able to target weak or collapsed areas and develop ways to help align & strengthen them. Eischens Yoga and active alignment is always done in active poses and movements. This is how we move around the planet, in motion. We believe it is hard to determine weaknesses and collapses in posture by laying on a table or connected to a machine that isolates body movements. Isolated body movement is not how we move around, so why are we attempting to heal people this way!? We also use elements of Eischens Yoga for repair and as a warm-down for all of our intensive trainings. Using basic pose progressions and focus on holding postures helps the body start the recovery process.

We offer full active alignment and Eischens Yoga sessions with individual focus and assessment to determine the best program. We also offer classes for small groups, or by joining a weekly group class. For those working their way back from injury, active alignment and Eischens Yoga has proven to be a very effective tool with typically a much faster progression than traditionally accepted therapies. Call or email us to set up a free session and assessment!

“I wanted to express my gratitude to Jamison Crowley of TheSPACE. My shoulder subluxed  in a match and I thought I would not be able to complete the match. Not only did his active alignment progression help me through the match, I was able to complete the tournament which was 6 more matches. His technique was painless and greatly increased my mobility. Thanks Jamison!”

– Riley Salmon, 2008 U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist