Small Group Intensive

Small group trainings 3-6 people (never more than 6) is our answer to those looking for the personal attention and intensity of one on one training but with more affordably structured programs. By teaming up with others that have similar abilities & training goals, we are able to create a group that can challenge & motivate each other in an intensive environment that has proven to be our most popular and most effective group tools we offer.  Although you are with a small group, individual attention to each persons goals and physical cues are always a focus of our coaches. If you are interested in small group training but don’t have your own group to bring in, we are happy to connect you with a group that suits your goals & ability level. The energy and intensity of our small groups is focused purely on results and always makes for a highly motivating environment.

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“I asked Jamison to come to one of my Cyclocross races to observe the sport, the challenges and to identify some places where he could help me advance. Immediately after the race Jamison started piecing together some specific movements and overall workouts that are suited to Cyclocross and more generally bike racing. The next week we got to work on high-intensity, multi-functional, explosive movements that undoubtedly translated to better performance on the course; specifically run-ups and sprinting out of corners, both keys to Cyclocross success. At the start of the season I competed as a 35+Cat 3 racer and by the end of 2015, with Jamison’s advice and workouts, I was racing in Cyclocross as a 35+Cat 2.”

Tony Romagna, Cat-2 Cyclocross Racer

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