Integrative Nutrition: Introduction

Our thoughts on Nutrition

artichokeWhen it comes to healthy eating we are all conditioned from the time we are little kids to eat a certain way. That way was set by our parents from the beginning, and lets be honest the baby-boomer generation thought of food in an incredibly different way. Our grandparents on the other hand, made food straight from the farm and from the garden. Meals were typically prepared from scratch, dinner was eaten at the table, and it wasnʼt over in ten minutes. Meals were a healthy ritual, both in the actual food & the time spent enjoying a healthy meal together as a family. Now, our grandparents werenʼt necessarily more schooled in the ways of nutrition & healthy eating than our parents were, thats just how things were in those days. Thats the only way people knew. Then our world was introduced to the ultimate “convenience boom” in the 1970ʼs and 80ʼs which hit our incredibly busy, hard working parents with children in tow at the perfect time. In their eyes it was a practical answer to getting the family fed quickly any day of the week, and the kids were happy. It was the boom of “over-convenience.” Spaghetti-Oʼs, fish sticks, TV dinners, tater tots, chicken nuggets, mac nʼ cheese, hostess products, wonderbread, fast food, boxed food, processed food, food by-products, deli grab-and-go everything, pre-made pasta salads and side dishes loaded with every known chemical additive and preservative known to science. Any and all short-cuts to fast and convenient food were scientifically perfected in labs, and the world quickly moved further and further away from the farm & garden. Food was now becoming a food-derivative and an incredibly high percentage of people in our country bought into it, every day.


veggiesIn order to achieve what we are trying to do for people, we must completely re-program years and years of failed “diet” programs, routines and habits. We are consuming too much, and leaving out the nutrients our bodies need to have energy, fight disease, and simply feel better on a daily basis both mentally & physically.  TheSPACE and our coaches are not looking to change a personʼs entire world and make it look like ours or anyone elseʼs, but build a new routine specifically designed around you and the details of your life. In order to successfully do this we must look at all aspects of a person’s daily life. This is about making small changes that affect physical and nutritional health until it becomes habit. Itʼs the individualʼs plan from the beginning, not mine. Everything involved comes from the input of your life, your likes and dislikes, your tastes and your lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition program or that dreaded word “diet”. (We try not to use the word “diet” as the word diet has become synonymous with restriction, we are not about restriction). Stop judging your own health, weight, and way of eating and living, and strive to understand who you are as an eater–and WHY! Food has distinct qualities and energy properties, depending on where, when, and how it grows, as well as how itʼs prepared. By understanding the energy of food, we can choose meals that will create the energy we are seeking in our lives.

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