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Integrative Nutrition: Programs


What we offer:

  • Highly personal, but simple nutritional programs working with people to adjust their food intake & eating through lifestyle.  Programs based solely around the individual, their lifestyle & their needs.
  •  All meals for each day plus snack options specifically portioned out in the clients refrigerator and cupboards. Entire meals can be portioned out for work lunches etc. if required. (seven day cycle of meals/snacks)
  •  All food for the week is bought, prepared, and portioned in detail by our team right in the clients kitchen.

Step 1:  Assessment

  • Meet with client at their home, get up close and personal with their lifestyle in general. (i.e. sleep, exercise, social life, stress etc.) Discuss all aspects of eating habits at home and eating out, leaving nothing out & focusing heavily on all details.
  • Find out in detail their food tastes, likes and dislikes.
  • Go through refrigerator, and cupboards thoroughly with client to get an idea of which direction to go with them.  Discuss refrigerator & cupboard “clean out.”
  • Discuss & assess clients daily exercise, sleep and social routines.
  • Create an overview of clients current daily nutritional needs.

Step 2:  Construct a Plan

  • In close accordance with the clients input, develop a complete seven day meal plan with small snack options.
  • Plan out breakfast, lunch and dinner meals with portions and daily schedule in mind. (snacks also included in seven day cycle)
  • Adjust for clients work, exercise, social and sleep schedules in order to make a plan for them that is realistic and not a complete departure from their current daily habits.
  • Goals are realistic with gradual changes, communicating closely with the client & making adjustments as needed.

 Step 3:  Trial Week 

  • We pick a day in a seven day cycle that works best for the client to get started.
  • Compile a grocery list according to the plan the client and I have discussed in detail, including the client’s weekly grocery budget.
  • Clean out & organize refrigerator and cupboards per our meeting and discussion.
  • Buy groceries for the week.
  • Get to work in the clients kitchen; all chopping, baking, preparation and portioning.
  • Go through the finished product with client and leave a list of meal preparation notes for the week.
  • Continue the same process the following week depending on the program that works best for the client.
  • Simple.

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