Team Jump Training

jumpTrainingThe Power Jump 8.0 intensive vertical jump program (utilizing the Portable Power Jumper variable resistance system) has been proven as one of the most effective tools for athletes looking to drastically increase vertical jump, speed, agility, and increased reaction time.  The power jumper is the main tool used by Jamillian Mormon, the “Prince of Dunk” used to achieve his incredible 51” vertical jump.  Also used by many NBA and NFL trainers across the country, the power jumper along with my athlete specific programs average an increase in vertical jump of 4 to 8+ inches in 6-12 weeks (depending on the program). One of the biggest advantages of the Power Jumper and my low-impact explosive training techniques is that it replaces platform and weight-based trainers & techniques that induce strain and damage to your knees. This combined with my athlete-specific strength and stability training programs will move your athletes to the next level of performance and competition.

Jamison Crowley CNT, PNC & head program coach

Program Outline:

  •  6,8,10 & 12 week programs available
  • 2 x per week/one hour (+) training session
  • Typical result – 4-8” (or more in many cases) increase in vertical jump and greatly increased speed, strength and reaction time
Price:  (Contact us for pricing scale)

Sample Training Session Overview:

  1.  Brief Introduction & Explanation of program
  2. Warm up: Active stretching technique
  3. Jumper/Sprinter’s warm-up
  4. Speed & Dynamic footwork
  5. Jump technique
  6. Power Jumper 2-1-none workout
  7. Power Jumper Broad jump workout (2-1-None)
  8. Strength and stability training (bodyweight resisted/unresisted)
  9. Warm-down

Notes: Optimum training schedule would be no more than 3 days off in between training sessions, proper periodization is important to the program

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