“I wanted to express my gratitude to Jamison Crowley of TheSPACE. My shoulder subluxed  in a match and I thought I would not be able to complete the match. Not only did his active alignment progression help me through the match, I was able to complete the tournament which was 6 more matches. His technique was painless and greatly increased my mobility. Thanks Jamison!”

– Riley Salmon, 2008 U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist

“Having played Division 1 football and rugby as well as raced Ironman triathlons and solo 24 hour mountain bike races, I’ve trained with some of the top Strength and Conditioning coaches and personal trainers in the business.  Yet since beginning my training with Jamison a month ago, I’ve noticed the biggest gains in my “athletic strength” and a significant increase in my core stability and flexibility.  I have many nagging injuries (including a broken screw in my shoulder) and always struggle to find a trainer that understands how to not just work around these injuries, but to actually strengthen them – Jamison gets it.  Jamison is helping me prepare for the Leadville 100 trail run next summer and I can already see the tremendous benefit to his dynamic training and am excited to see what 12 months of focused work together will accomplish.”

– Brad Billingsley, Founder- The Success Project

“ What I love about being an athlete at The Space, is that Jamison (founder and coach) is committed to being a great teammate, coach, leader, and person.  He seeks to train people and improve their lives on all fronts, mentally, nutritionally, and physically.  He wants to know about your life, your goals and what’s important to you, and uses that information to tailor a fitness program that fits you as an individual.   No matter what my training goals are I trust Jamison to help me achieve them.  He is an invaluable part of my team as a Professional Beach Volleyball Player.” * Visit Meg’s Site:

– Meg ChetwoodUSA Beach Volleyball, Olympic Hopeful

“I asked Jamison to come to one of my Cyclocross races to observe the sport, the challenges and to identify some places where he could help me advance. Immediately after the race Jamison started piecing together some specific movements and overall workouts that are suited to Cyclocross and more generally bike racing. The next week we got to work on high-intensity, multi-functional, explosive movements that undoubtedly translated to better performance on the course; specifically run-ups and sprinting out of corners, both keys to Cyclocross success. At the start of the season I competed as a 35+Cat 3 racer and by the end of 2015, with Jamison’s advice and workouts, I was racing in Cyclocross as a 35+Cat 2.”

– Tony Romagna, Cat-2 Cyclocross Racer

“The most focused, dynamic training i’ve experienced. Jamison and TheSPACE have a true understanding of how to move an athlete into a new realm of their own capabilities”

– 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Member

“After a spinal fusion, rotator cuff surgery, bicep surgery and a list of bilateral hip and knee injuries, I was convinced I’d never run, play sports, or achieve dynamic athletic movement ever again. For years I accepted my fate, until I met Jamison. Only weeks into his training program, I am beginning to move like I did as a professional lacrosse player and the Army Ranger I once was.  Physical therapy, nor any other trainer in the market was able to help repair me and reinstate my belief in my physical ability & change my mindset. Train with Jamison and you’ll experience the same.”

– Kenny C, U.S. Army (ret.), Former Professional Athlete

“I was referred to Jamison after several unsuccessful attempts with trainers and physical therapists to correct an on-going hip injury.  From the first session, it was clear to me that Jamison was truly interested in improving my health and providing me with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to rehab my injury and more importantly building proper strength to lessen the likelihood of future injuries. Every session with Jamison is a combination of functional strength & movement, theory, and practical application that I can incorporate into my daily routines. After only one session with Jamison, I was able to return to the various athletic activities I enjoy.  Subsequent sessions have greatly increased my strength and mobility unlike anything has before. Jamison constantly challenges me to push harder and become stronger without ever losing sight of proper form and technique.  Jamison is a true asset for everyone from the professional athlete to the every-day athlete who wishes to improve. I would not hesitate to recommend Jamison to anyone.”

– Nathan Stroeher, Athlete

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