• Repair and Revive Dynamic Movement

    "For years I accepted my fate, until I met Jamison. Only weeks into his training program, I am beginning to move like I did as a professional lacrosse player and the Army Ranger I once was."

    - Kenny C, U.S. Army (ret.), Former Professional Athlete

  • Re-program

    "Training or 'fitness' often has very little to do with training and fitness, it's about becoming something and asking WHY you are doing it. This is not just another boutique gym, we build custom athletes and help people become who they want to become."

       - Jamison

  • Active Alignment

    "Not only did Jamison's active alignment progression help me through the match, I was able to complete the tournament which was 6 more matches."

    - Riley Salmon, 2008 U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist

  • Individual Intensive

    "Since beginning my training with Jamison a month ago, I've noticed the biggest gains in my "athletic strength" and a significant increase in my core stability and flexibility."

    - Brad Billingsley, Founder - The Success Project

  • USA Beach Volleyball

    "No matter what my training goals are I trust Jamison to help me achieve them. He is an invaluable part of my team as a Professional Beach Volleyball Player."
      - Meg Chetwood, USA Beach Volleyball

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  • Performance

    Jamison and TheSPACE have a true understanding of how to move an athlete into a new realm of their own capabilities?

    - 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Member

What We Do

I believe in a purely integrative approach to training and nutrition. Most gyms, yoga studios, exercise and nutrition fads fail because they are not built around the individual, their needs, body type, athletic ability and overall lifestyle. More importantly the "foundation" is lacking. My number one focus with everyone who comes to see me (athlete or not) is to start at the beginning and build a foundation in which to grow. Every person is unique, therefore training & nutrition plans need to be specific and unique to that person. We work with everyone from professional athletes, current & future olympians & college athletes to individuals or small groups just looking to move their overall functional fitness to a new level. Regardless of who walks through the door, our approach is always the same...purely foundational & integrative. TheSPACE and my coaches encourage people to adopt an entirely new way of thinking when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

Our Process

TheSPACE focuses on the practice of pure functional & integrative training to develop strength through MOVEMENT vs. muscle isolation. My training process assesses the strengths, weaknesses, muscle endurance, balance, & range of motion of an individual. Followed closely by a highly indivualized progression to functionally build strength & increase muscle endurance, along with improved range of motion. I do not sugar coat, I will give it to you straight and believe in helping athletes (and non-athletes) make real changes. Therefore, our training is not for everyone & it is determined by both parties if we are a fit in our first session. We offer intensive individual training, small group trainings, large group workshops, Eischens feedback yoga & active alignment, and integrative nutrition coaching. No matter which program you choose, individual attention to lifestyle, technique, posture and alignment is constantly in motion.